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  You can divide back problems into two ... mechanical or structural.


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  Mechanical problems are like a stiff door hinge.
  Structural problems can be a result of wear and tear.

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Osteopathy works. But how?

A stiff joint is an accident waiting to happen.

Injuries and strains stiffen your joints,
muscles tighten and you feel pain.

When Osteopaths restore free movement
the pain disappears.

A stiff joint is easy to treat.
One or two treatments may
well resolve the pain.

Structural problems take longer.

Something has either torn or worn.
Three to six treatments are usual.

Joints with wear and tear are called arthritis.
We can almost certainly help.

You may need to return for
maintenance treatments, perhaps evey
three months to keep the stiffness
and pain away.

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What will happen when you arrive?

We will ask you a lot of questions to understand your problem. We will examine you and diagnose what your problem is. We will tell you what is wrong and tell you what we need to do to remedy it.
Then we will treat you. This all happens on your first visit.


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