Appointments Available 6 days a week
12 Chapel Street, Belper
Derbyshire, DE56 1AR

Tel: 01773 820220


  Our youngest patients are a few weeks old...


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  ...seeking treatment after difficult births or for colic.
  Our oldest patients are in their nineties.

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We choose Osteopathic treatment to suit you and your problem.

I suffered with a stiff back and neck for many years.

Osteopathy alone has eliminated my physical limitations and pain.

Now I can work, bend and lift without restriction.

Due to knee and back problems 5 years ago I had stopped cycling and hiking completely.

One treatment with the Osteopath, and three days later I was skiing down a French mountainside,
pain free.

Philip Allen
Agricultural Contractor
Sandra Owen
Hotel Owner
Hinterthal Austria


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